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Ed Dean, Website Designer

Hi, JAX Beach welcome to my website. My name is Ed and I look forward to creating your business website on the World Wide Web. I have the experience you're looking for to create your business website. Give me a call today and let's get started securing your spot to be seen on today's Internet. If you’re like me your shopping around. One thing I offer that to the best of my knowledge none of my competition does is a . You see I am not a large conglomerate. My customers are my shareholders and you are the one I strive to make happy. Thank you for supporting small business.

Responsive Website Design

Today's American culture goes to their phones or tablets, often times before they go to their computers JAX Beach. If you want to reach your customers; responsive website design is the only way to go JAX Beach. I provide you affordable HTML5, W3C valid, responsive website design that ensures you get your message to the people looking for your services on whatever device they seek you out on. I offer you cost effective solutions.

Website Hosting

JAX Beach I offer you scalable solutions for hosting your website. I offer both LINUX (Apache) and Windows servers allowing you to work in the environment you're most comfortable with. Need more power than shared hosting I also offer dedicated severs for maximum power for your business. We also offer managed high end servers when you really need some horsepower.

Website Management

JAX Beach to be successful on the World Wide Web your business must be proactive. The day you think your website is finished you resign your business website to the depths of the search engines.

There are only ten links on the first page of the major search engines. If you want to see your business on the first page you or someone with-in your business must perform management tasks. I offer you solutions.

Social Media

Everyone knows you need to be on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkediN Google +... and involved with the social media in today's marketplace. The challenge is how do you accomplish that goal to your business's maximum potential?

FaceBook is not the only consideration Tweeting has become a rage and for the moment is another essential part of any business person's toolbox when promoting their product or service. Once you understand this basic concept the question then becomes: How does one accomplish this goal? I offer your business economical solutions.

Private Instruction

JAX Beach if you desire to build and maintain your own website I can teach you or someone with-in your organization how to do it. You will need a good html editor & Photoshop, a good FTP Program, a good word processing program, Notepad++, and basic computer knowledge. I will introduce you to basic website design and ensure you or they understand best practices.

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